Abstraction and mark making fill the Galerie Protégé booth at the Affordable Art Fair, with vast fields of washed color by Paul Thomas, gentle isolated strokes by Steve McKenzie, and layers of color and expressive marks by Justine Hill. The theme of abstraction continues in the cameraless prints of Danielle Ezzo. Abstraction is emphasized in the inclusion of subtle amounts of representational works. This is exemplified in the works of Dana Gentile and Bryan McGovern Wilson, even in these works, as with all of the photographs in the show there is some form of abstraction.

Concurrently to the Affordable Art Fair, Galerie Protégé will be holding an exhibition of work by the artists in the fair in the gallery. This show Abstract Satellite opens the day of the fair Wednesday April 3 and runs thru Saturday April 13. The Affordable Art Fair is located at The Metropolitan Pavilion 125 West 18th Street NY.

Exhibiting Artists:
Paul Thomas
Danielle Ezzo
Steve McKenzie
Dana Gentile
Bryan McGovern Wilson
Justine Hill