Minion of the Moon
Acrylic & Pastel on Canvas, 2014
32 x 44 in

Moving Backsplash
Acrylic & Pastel on Canvas, 2014
34 x 42 in

Acrylics & Pastels on Canvas, 2014
80 x 60 in

Acrylics & Pastels on Canvas, 2014
50 x 58 in

Acrylics & Pastels on Canvas, 2014
40 x 36 in

Worth One Lean
Acrylics & Pastels on Canvas, 2014
36 x 32 in

Handmade by Robots
Acrylics & Pastels on Canvas, 2014
38 x 46 in

Boxed in Plastics II
Acrylics & Pastels on Canvas, 2014
36 x 50 in

Boxed in Plastics

by Justine Hill

April 17 – May 17, 2014

Galerie Protégé is pleased to present Boxed in Plastics, an exhibition of new work by Justine Hill.

Plastic Art is a broad definition of the visual arts as they differ from music and poetry as well as those works that fall within the realm of the fully conceptual. Like other art forms, the plastic arts can be defined analytically through formal elements and imagery. The term “plastic” was first used heavily in an art context with the De Stijl movement and the idea of Neoplasticism. However, Boxed in Plastics examines the notion of plastic art as it was presented in the 60’s and 70’s; responding to the insurgence of conceptualism.

Hill’s deliberate application of marks implies an ideology to the work. The paintings speak to the medium of painting in both its present context and its waited history. With every mark and line applied, Hill projects forward the “purpose” of painting as the highest level of artistic expression. Hill’s paintings are in direct dialogue with artists such as Amy Sillman and Charline von Heyl, building on the progress and struggles of these artists, while simultaneously paying respect to those like Basquiat, Motherwell, and de Kooning through mark making. Hill clearly shows that she is fully aware that painting is a language developed over many centuries and in order to be “understood”, a careful balance of rule following is required, especially as it pertains to the world of gestural abstraction.

Boxed in Plastics is Hill’s first solo exhibition at Galerie Protégé as well as her first solo show in New York City. She received an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA from The College of Holy Cross. In December of 2013, the Huffington Post named her one of “four contemporary female artists who are shaping the future of painting”. Please join us on Thursday, April 24th at 6pm to celebrate this fantastic, colorful, and expressive exhibition.