Marking the one-year anniversary of Galerie Protégé, Sketchbook Show is slated to open for viewing on September 6, 2012, with an opening reception set for September 13, 2012. This group exhibition features all new works by artists Liz-N-Val, Amanda Dickerson, Katya Grokhovsky, Jean-Crepin Habdaphai Alerte, Dennis Michael Jones, Yeji Jun, Joseph Meloy, RADICAL!, Gustavo Rizerio, Robin Scheines, Savannah Spirit, and Thierry Alet.

Alet, who has worked closely with artists as founder of the not-for-profit arts organization FRèRE INDEPENDENT and the director of the PooL Art Fair, selected eleven New York based and international artists to participate in this group exhibition. Alet’s curatorial intention is to display the “intimate inspirations,” thoughts, and ideas captured within the artist’s diary or notebook which can manifest in the first stages of a work of art.

Over the last ten years, Alet’s personal studio practice has been focused primarily on independently assembled handmade books and the development of his Manuscript Paintings. Each sketchbook in this exhibition is bound with a one of a kind cover; a fragment of one of Alet’s Manuscript Paintings. Viewers are invited to page through the sketchbooks which include a range of techniques including street art, painting, photography, performance art, conceptual art, and mixed media. Works are available for purchase as individual pages or entire sketchbooks.